Thank you for purchasing a custom Operating Agreement and a custom Buy Sell Agreement for your Arizona limited liability company.  Check your email in basket for a message we sent to the email address you entered into the Operating Agreement Questionnaire.  The message contains the information you submitted in the Operating Agreement Questionnaire.  Review the message for accuracy.  if you want to change anything in the message reply to the message and tell us what you want to change.

If you have not yet completed and submitted our Buy Sell Agreement Questionnaire please do so as soon as possible.  The information we need to prepare your Buy Sell Agreement must be given to us in this questionnaire.

We will prepare the documents within three business days of receiving both of the questionnaires and payment.  The documents will be emailed to the email address entered into the Operating Agreement Questionnaire with a request that the documents be given to all members for their review.

Richard C. Keyt