by Richard Keyt, Arizona LLC attorney

I formed my first Arizona LLC in October of 1992 on the day Arizona’s LLC law became effective.  Richard has written 7,800+ Arizona LLC Operating Agreements.  I taught law school classes on LLCs, lectured extensively on LLCs and wrote two books about LLCs.

People love my LLC formation services and Operating Agreements, which is why they have given me 235 five star Google, Facebook & Birdeye reviews.

In practicing Arizona LLC law for 40 years I have seen far too many LLC nightmares caused by the members’ failure to adopt a comprehensive Operating Agreement and from signing a poorly written Operating Agreement.

Warning to Existing & Future Arizona LLC Owners:  Arizona enacted a new LLC law that replaced prior LLC law on September 1, 2019.  All Arizona LLCs created before and after the effective date need an Operating Agreement that complies with the new law and that eliminates the nasty litigation causing provisions in the new law.

LLC Operating Agreement Articles Written by LLC Attorneys Richard Keyt and His Son Richard C. Keyt.

My Three Types of Operating Agreements

I give people a choice between three different Operating Agreements unlike almost all other Operating Agreement preparers who offer a one size fits all Operating Agreement. My three types of Operating Agreements are:

  • $247 for a one member LLC or an LLC owned solely by a married couple.
  • $497 for multi-member LLCs other than an LLC owned solely by a married couple.
  • $897 for multi-member LLCs that want to pick and chose from 30+ clauses they can add or delete from the Operating Agreement.

How to Purchase an Operating Agreement for an Arizona LLC

Go to Buy an Operating Agreement to hire me to prepare an Operating Agreement for your Arizona LLC.  You may also call me, Arizona LLC attorney Richard Keyt (480-664-7478) or my son Arizona LLC attorney and former CPA Richard C. Keyt (480-664-7472) if you have questions (we don’t charge to answer) and give us your LLC information over the phone.